Our method

The team of CPQ Factory works quickly, decisively and professionally. For our work process, we use the SCRUM method: a project approach with which better results are reached faster, because the project is divided into multiple deliveries, in between which adjustments can be made.


Apart from the end goal, every project also has intermediate goals, called milestones.


At the start of the project we determine the end goal. Then we set the first milestones, or sprints. You will receive an indication of the costs and timespan of the entire project and an estimate for the first sprint. Every sprint ends with the delivery of a working product. You see results even after the first sprint!


After the first sprint we check if the second milestone is still relevant. If not, we adjust it as needed. You receive a new estimate for the second sprint, and after your approval we will start the next step. This sprint also ends with the delivery of a working product with the extra functionalities that were executed in this sprint. Sprint by sprint, we reach the ultimate goal.


Within the project, the CPQ-Factory team likes to work with your employees. After all, they know what goes on within the organisation and give us insight into your team’s desires. This approach guarantees the best results.