Product design

The product designers of CPQ Factory will mould your product into the desired shape. Whether it is jewellery, shoes, furniture or mechanical products, your product will be linked to the right CPQ specialist with thorough knowledge on products and modelling.


CPQ Factory also offers different software packages. By means of joint consultation, we will find the software most suitable for your purpose.


Using a 3D configurator online requires extra light models. The configuring page for your customers has to load as quickly as possible, so your customers get clear results quickly. After all, an appealing and quick-to-load product will increase your chances of a sale! CPQ Factory’s specialists know exactly how to make your models as light as possible.


Do you already have 3D models and are they in need of an upgrade? Contact us to analyse and improve your models. Or request a training for your modellers, so that they can upgrade them themselves.

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