CPQ Factory provides the right configurator for your organisation: the perfect marketing tool with which the number of visitors of your website increases, and your revenue with it. Additionally, CPQ Factory gives thorough marketing advice to optimise your customer success.

Texts & SEO

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short, is part of search engine marketing. This method is used to make a web page score high in the organic search results of a search engine. To make this happen, relevant keywords, keyword combinations and search terms, for example, are used. This will lead to a higher ranking and, consequently, to a higher visitor count—and ultimately to a higher revenue.


The CPQ text writer and editor delivers SEO-optimised texts, so that the web page will score high in the organic search results of search engines. The website will be more easily found, which will lead to a higher visitor count and a higher revenue.


At the same time, the texts will be coherent, without spelling mistakes or typing errors. After all, a pleasant-to-read website ensures that the visitor stays interested, which increases the chance of an order or assignment.


Do you want to expand your business abroad? The CPQ translator makes sure that your website will be translated into French, German or English. CPQ Factory also offers language support with contact between your organisation and your French, German or English departments or your partners or customers abroad.


Do you already have a French, German or English website, but are you unsure about the linguistic quality? We will edit your texts and make sure your website can be viewed by any language critic.

A/B Tests

By use of an A/B test, two—or multiple—variants of a website are compared. Users are randomly divided into different groups, in which each group is shown a different version of the website. The control group that is shown an unaltered version of the website, is traditionally indicated with the letter ‘A’, and the group that is shown the variation with ‘B’. By measuring and comparing the behaviour of the users of the different groups, we can determine which design, A or B, best reaches the desired goal—usually the highest revenue.


In practice, the A/B test is used, amongst others, with the optimisation of conversion on websites, in newsletters, with advertisements and within direct marketing. By changing the layout of websites or newsletters, the conversion rate can change. The A/B test shows which layout leads to higher conversions and which one does not.


Interested in what the A/B test can offer your website? Contact us!

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a Google service to collect a website’s statistics and provide a detailed overview. The purpose of this service is to provide the website’s administrator with a clear view of, amongst others, the visitor flows, traffic sources and pageviews. This information can be used to adapt any marketing campaigns or parts of the website to the users’ behaviour.


A thorough analysis of your website will increase your chance of success and revenue. Our marketeers are happy to help you get started!

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