Wat is CPQ

CPQ = Configure – Price – Quote:

C: The configuring—or composing—of the final (size-specific) product or service.

P: The linking of a price to the product or service, where the price changes when different options are chosen. Also, the option to link a unique code to the product or service (e.g. product number).

Q: The quick and accurate generation of quotations as part of a completely automated production process.

The CPQ software system enables salesmen to offer complex and configurable products, whether web based or not (e.g. through a web shop). Examples of configurations: jewellery that the customer can compile according to their own personal taste; furniture of which the online shopper can determine the size, colour and fabric; constructional or mechanical products such as window frames, cylinders, etc.

Besides a real-life presentation of your product in 2D or 3D, the CPQ solution also links a price to the product or service. With every choice the customer makes—different colour, composition, fabric, material, etc.—the price of the configured product changes simultaneously.

Additionally, CPQ is suitable for the preparation of swift and accurate quotations, which saves the sales department a lot of time and effort. And last but not least, CPQ is used for controlling the production process—completely automated—with respect to manufacturing drawings, bills of materials, etc.