GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

This is the GDPR Compliance Statement of CPQ Factory Cooperation, located at Bergeijk (the Netherlands), Stökskesweg 11 and registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce under file number 72854480. If you have questions or remarks on this GDPR, please contact us through the Contact button on this website or by email at info@cpqfactory.com.


CPQ Factory attaches great value to the privacy of its visitors and customers. Therefore, all personal data will be treated according to the Dutch and EU privacy legislation and regulations. At the same time, CPQ Factory performs a privacy registration in which the processing activities are being recorded. Last but not least, CPQ Factory adheres to the general professional and ethical standards.


1. Applicability

This GDPR is applicable to:

  • all our clients and all persons CPQ Factory has (been) in contact with;
  • all visitors of our website;
  • all receivers of our newsletter (and other mailings);
  • all persons of whom the personal data are registered otherwise.


2. Visiting our website

On our website, a number of cookies has been installed. The lawful basis for processing these cookies is the legitimate interest of CPQ Factory to examine and improve the use of its website. 


In principle, no personal data are being revealed to third parties, except as required by law or regulation (e.g. for the investigation of criminal offences).


2.1 Google Analytics

Cookies are only being used to analyse the website statistics. Within Google Analytics, the last octet of the IP address are hidden. The data will not be shared with Google and they will not be combined with other Google services than Google Analytics.


Regarding the Analytics service, a suitable processing agreement has been made with Google (see the privacy policy on Google’s website).


3. Newsletter

For the CPQ Factory’s newsletter, only your name and email address are being processed. The purpose of the newsletter is to provide you with information on the services of CPQ Factory or the topic CPQ in general. On this subject, a suitable agreement has been made with the newsletter provider.


The lawful basis for the publication of newsletters is the legitimate interest of CPQ Factory to inform the receiver about our services and the topic CPQ. The receiver is able to unsubscribe from the newsletter at all times.


The personal data will be processed as long as the receiver is subscribed to the newsletter. After unsubscription, the personal data will only be used to ensure that no new newsletter invitation will be sent again. 


4. Using our services

Our clients’ names and addresses and other contact data, payment data, identification data and other personal data are being processed as submitted by or on behalf of the clients.


The lawful basis for processing these data is the legitimate interest of CPQ Factory to perform its services towards the client in the best way possible.


Where necessary, appropriate processing agreements have been concluded with the data processors linked to CPQ Factory, such as phone providers, document managing systems, email systems, client and file management systems, accountancy and billing systems.


Client and file data are being preserved by default for five (5) years, which only will be extended to twenty (20) years in cases where our liability is under debate.


Furthermore, our administrative data are being preserved by default for seven (7) years according to the legal administration duties.


5. Rights of the persons concerned

All persons concerned have the right of inspection, correction, deletion or limitation of their personal data. They also have the right to object against the processing or transmission of their personal data.


However, these rights will not always be automatically granted, as the privacy laws and regulations also define limits to the rights of the persons concerned.


6. Further information

For questions and/or remarks concerning the privacy policy of CPQ Factory, please contact us by using the Contact button on this website or by email at: info@cpqfactory.com.


The Dutch Data Protection Authority (DPA) is the supervisory authority where any complaints on the processing of personal data by CPQ Factory can be submitted.